There are several reasons for a company to outsource filling and packaging services to us:

  • Rentability: Reduces personnel and maintenance costs of machinery and facilities.
  • Productivity: You can dedicate your company's resources to the other processes.
  • Fixed costs: You will work with a closed budget knowing from the beginning the cost of your production.
  • Fast: We are packaging professionals and all our resources are oriented to this service. We offer you the product in the shortest possible time.
  • All or part of it? You can subcontract the complete packaging and handling process or just a part of it. The choice is yours.
  • Tailor-made solutions for you: As we have a wide range of machinery, we can work with different types of containers and formats. We are sure yours will too.

You can see the types of packaging that we can use at What we do

We can pack and fill cosmetics starting from 10 units, regardless of the type and capacity of the product. Such small batches are ideal for sounding out the market or for starting out in the sale of own brand cosmetic products. The main advantage of larger batches is a significant price reduction.

All products must be in the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), prior to being placed on the market. In this portal, the person responsible for placing the product on the market (our customer) must enter all the details of the cosmetic, such as formula, labeling, presentation, etc. These details will only be accessible to poison control centers and the competent authorities in the event that an undesirable effect produced by the cosmetic is detected. In Formopack, following its policy of helping and advising its customers as much as possible, we offer this service to carry out the whole process. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Because we are subject to confidentiality agreements due to manufacturing contracts we cannot disclose this information, however, and thanks to our COSMOS-ECOCERT certification, we market our services with leading brands in the field of natural cosmetics.

We guarantee you a quality, agile and personalised service.