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What we do

essential oils

essential or vegetable oils, in glass or plastic containers.

capacity from 5ml to 500ml, with or without labelling

gel, emulsions, liquids

we fill, in glass or plastic bottles, gels, shampoos, emulsions, body milks, hydrolats ...

capacity from 50ml to 5000ml, with or without labelling

karite butter

karite butter and butters packaging

capacity from 50ml to 1000ml, with or without labelling

frascos airless

filling of gels, serums, oils, creams ...

capacity from 50ml to 500ml, with or without labelling


sachet to the capacity you need for cologne, cream, gel, ...

filling in glass or plastic jars of gels, creams, serums, etc....

capacity from 50ml to 500ml, with or without labelling

  • Cosmetic product formulation, preparation of safety studies (patch test, challenge test, product stability...).
  • Creation of the dossier, cosmetic product information dossier. 
  • Processing of licences, permissions, relations with the AEMPS and regulatory agencies.
  • European Regulatory Compliance, according to EU regulation 1223/2009, and product registration with CPNP.
  • International Regulatory Compliance:
    • United Kingdom: We act as Responsible Person and notify products on the SCPN portal, in line with the new Brexit-related regulations.
    • USA: We check and adapt your products for export to the USA in accordance with FDA and state regulations.
FORMOPACK's aim is to understand our customers' needs and propose customised solutions to meet them.
Manuel Morales
Production Manager
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