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Ethical policy

Formopack's Ethical Policy is the reference document that guides the Company in the medium and long term for the development of its strategy in this area. Formopack must comply with the law in all territories where it conducts business. Formopack employees must comply with all laws and always act with honesty, integrity and fairness. Most ethical issues can be resolved by taking the time to consider whether we are acting honestly and fairly with customers, suppliers, other employees and the public.

We have a responsibility to deal ethically with our customers and suppliers, employees and the public. It is not enough to simply avoid unethical conduct; we will always treat those with whom we come into contact in the course of business with honesty, fairness, respect and integrity.

  • Receiving gifts and financial incentives

All business decisions will be made impartially and fairly and not on the basis of obtaining gifts, gratuities or hospitality. Neither Formopack nor its employees shall solicit or accept any favours, gifts, entertainment, credits (or other financial inducements) or other benefits (including services and discounts, as well as material goods) from any supplier, customer or competitor that may influence their judgement.

  • Receiving gifts and financial incentives

Neither Formopack nor its employees shall use gifts and/or hospitality with the intention of persuading anyone to act inappropriately or to influence a public official in the performance of his or her duties.

The only payments Formopack makes to third parties are for products and services duly rendered or sold to Formopack. Payments made to charity are also considered to fall under the company's ethics policy.

  • Facilitation payments and kickbacks

Formopack does not and will not accept facilitation payments or bribes of any kind.

  • Donations

Formopack only donates to legal and ethical charities in accordance with law and practice.

  • Marketing practice

Formopack will comply with all applicable advertising regulations and will not use marketing that is misleading or inaccurate. Advertising shall always be in good taste. All statements made in advertising shall be fully substantiated by the necessary evidence.

  • Competition Act

Formopack cumplirá todas las leyes sobre competencia y comercio. Todos los clientes de Formopack recibirán un trato justo y equitativo, y no se ofrecerán condiciones especiales o preferenciales a ningún cliente que viole cualquier ley. Formopack prohíbe las consultas o cualquier otro contacto con sus competidores con relación a precios, clientes o territorios.

  • Environmental protection

Formopack believes that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment. No person employed at Formopack will knowingly purchase any illegal chemical or other substance for use at Formopack, and will responsibly manage the disposal of such products.

  • Product and service integrity

Strict product integrity is necessary for Formopack to achieve its quality objectives and maintain its reputation as a manufacturer and/or provider of quality products/services. Formopack will never deliberately conceal defective work or material, falsify records or make false certifications or statements regarding its products.

  • Responsibilities to employees

Formopack believes that all its employees should have a safe workplace and equal opportunity for promotion and advancement. Formopack will comply with all laws and regulations regarding health, safety at work and similar matters. Formopack is committed to maintaining safe working conditions at all of its facilities. Formopack will provide a work environment free from harassment and discrimination for all its employees.

Formopack NO:

  • Will unlawfully discriminate against anyone on the following grounds: race, sex, age, marital status, religion, nationality or disability.
  • Violate the dignity of any person by subjecting them to harassment, abuse, physical punishment or threats.

Formopack is committed to human rights and ethical and responsible trade in its business activities and working practices.

Formopack will obey all local laws and regulations, instructions of the competent authorities regarding working conditions, working hours, wages and benefits.

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